Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm alive! But my computer? Barely!

Hello there! I hope I was missed! :) Well, I feel like a secret agent living on borrowed time as I sit in front of my dying system, trying to get the message out before the timer runs out! The problem is, I don't know when it will! Oy vey! My system's SMPS (Switched mode power supply) has broken down and thanks to the ridiculous importance that piece of hardware has in the grand scale of things, I'm finding that most of the circuitry in my computer has either died or is dying. This means that I am in for a major re-haul! I don't think I shall be getting a new system as I won't be around in these parts of the world for too long. And moreover, a new system wouldn't be the same.... So, Iris stays! :)

Ah, I see the lights flashing here! I've very little time left! Please do pray for my computer.... and for the numerous animals that are homeless in this monsoon.... and for those affected by the hurricane, and... well.... for the whole wide world! :P

Ciao.... for now!

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