Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shh.... I'm hunting Fonts!

For anyone out there who's still reading my drabbles, I'd like to inform that I'm not kicking dirt nor am I pushing up daisies of any hue!

For those who're wondering what in the name of God's bunny rabbit slippers I was up to,


I've been hunting all sorts of fonts! I don't know why.... but just that I seem to have developed an Obsessive Compulsive behavior of sorts that compels me to download every single good looking font that I see! And there are so many good fonts out there! :) But fey fate! There are a few that aren't free! Oh.... the pain of not being capable of getting those fonts.... *sniffle*

Aaaanyway, I'm thinking of doing one collage a week where I use one of these numerous fonts that I have and showing it to you! This way, I get to let my mind run free! And who knows... we might be onto something here! SOMETHING BIG!!!! (>__<)

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