Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ai Elbereth Nuin Oiolose!

Well, ahoy there! As my previous post indicated, my system had finally lost her fight with the demons of Circuit board malice inspite of a valiant fight.

Thank goodness for External Harddrives! But too bad that most of my program setup files were in the internal one and right now, I'm using a borrowed one from the PC repair guy. And well... I can't install random porgrams that I might find useful.

This sucks... and to make matters worse, my Japanese N4 level classes are being a little trying on the cerebrum! My new sensei is a really nice person. But I can't say the same for the other people who've come to learn there. There's one guy who seems to be hellbent on disproving everything the sensei says and well... it's a little irritating at times. Ah... what I wouldn't do to have my old class back... Madhumitha-sensei and the three pupils who treated each other with respect and didn't scorn others and always had a smile for the others.

There was an affinity before that was almost spontaneous from our first class that seems to be missing here... almost like Swarna-san and I are looked upon with a tinge of suspicion. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid here. I'm hoping that's the case!

Right now, I don't like what's happening around me much. I can't seem to find what's annoying me so much but I just wish I could be done with everybody around and crawl into a cave and practice Kanji till I feel better! :D

P.S. The next person who belittles the fact that learning Japanese is not very easy will be promptly kicked and thrown to rabid Nyan-kitties!

Thank you, RevolverOfTheLoom, for this wonderful piece of illustration - it proves my point here! :D

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