Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On how I lost control and found it again!

Why is it that when something has the probability of going awry, it does most of the time? And why is it that these things happen when you're least expecting them?

Yesterday, I was busy reading my Japanese vocabulary words and practicing my Kanji when I absolutely had to find the kanji one used in the word "Omawari-san". I didn't find it in my dictionary and so, decided to hit the internet. And you know what happens when we go online, looking for some specific piece of information... I'm a person who has the attention span of a housefly! And so, one thing led to another and soon, I was downloading opensource fonts!

That's when my mother decided to call me. I only remember turning around in my swiveling chair and then a loud CRASH! My computer table's protrusile desk-ette lay on the floor and my mouse and keyboard seemed to have taken to bungee jumping!

My mom had the sagacity to ask me if I was okay. And that was when my eyes fell on the shiny thing on the floor beside me... Keyboard keys... worn away with years of typing to a brilliant sheen. They seemed like tiny damsels in distress. I believe this was when I screamed. And my mom seemed to think I must've amputated a finger in the accident. She rushed to where I was, kneeling on the floor, scouring it for any other keys that I might've missed.
I heard her ask me once more, what the matter was when I shouted,

"I lost my Control! Help me find it, mommy!" She stood there, staring at me thinking I'd finally lost my noggins when I gave another cry and held out the retrieved item for her to see.

"I got back my control! The gosh darned key went missing! Imagine trying to cut, copy or paste without the control key, amma!"

I distinctly remember her glaring at me and then pick up the pillow. But everything beyond that... is a very hazy blur.

So... why do things go awry all the time?

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