Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The saint inside the sinner

Caution : Self-praise will be very much evident in this post. If you have not the stomach to take it and feel like I'm toting my horn a little too much, Go fish! :P

I was darn hungry today! Grampa had come over to supervise the painting work that was happening at my house while Dad slept thanks to a swollen bum! (I don't even wanna know how that happened!) I was the last person to have lunch today thanks to the intensive sessions I was having with Electricity and Magnetism. And when I go to the kitchen with a ravenous apetite, I find barely enough food to fill a cup! T~T

Oh well... since I had a glass of lassi just a while ago (fifteen minutes), I wasn't that dejected. So being the 'saint' that I was, I ate what was left (actually, I was too darn tired to be bothered!)

As the afternoon wore on and evening approached, I could no longer ignore those monsterous rumbling sounds from my stomach and so, decided to make myself some instant noodles (you know.... the two minute kind?) and for the sake of courtesy, I asked Grampa and Dad if they wanted any. Grampa said no and Dad said yes. So, I made just enough for two people (one pack...actually that suffices for just me! I love those instant noodles stuff). But just as I finished making, Grampa walked in and well... I know he said he didn't want it and stuff... But somehow the situation seemed really awkward. So, I wanted to make it a 'serve-yourself' event. But Dad the genius, turned to me and asked, "What about Grampa?" (he hates him by the way!)

I turned to Grampa and well... all of a sudden he didn't seem to decline it altogether! Now what was I supposed to do?! Oh well... I dished some out for him as well...(my share) and that was it. The pot turned empty. And when I am about to serve it to poor Grampa, Dad looks into the pot and remarks loudly, "What about you? There's nothing left!"

Yeah well... Dad said we could divide it equally from his share and mine but funny... he walked away with his plate! I got the idea. He didn't want to seem rude but there was no way he would share! And I was not going to let my Grampa walk out not having anything to eat when the other person (read my father) stuffs his face! So, I managed to convince him (treated him like a school boy ^__^;) and have him take the other half. But the darling fellow was so chweet, he offered half of his share. But all I took was a spoonful and gave him the rest. All the while the other individual was hogging his noodles! Oh well... there'll always those who share and those who pretend to do so. I'm a bit hungry... but I somehow feel fuller than when I've had a whole pot full of noodles! I guess this talk about mental satisfaction is true afterall! And hear ye, all those who think of me as a heartless person! I do have a heart! YAY!! And yes... I feel damn good about myself now!

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