Friday, June 27, 2008

Love thy neighbour! XP

My results for the myriad entrance exams I wrote are out. Pune and Hyderabad universities and my hopes for studying there are not possible anymore. And NIT, Trichy has accepted me. As for Anna University, I've been called for Counselling. And there's a 90% chance that I'll make it through.

Now that the announcements are out of the way, I'd like to rant a little. Nope! It's not about me not getting through the universities I want...I've closed that chapter a looong time ago. Thoughts like that aren't worth my time now.

So, what would I like to rant about, you ask me? Well... this particular rant is about nosy ex-neighbours who can't stand it when something good happens to someone else who's not a member of their family.

Now, this lady has been our neighbour for a very long time and her son and I grew up together like brethren... well.. that's what I thought. There emerged a shade of grey in the colourfully happy relationship my family shared with theirs when my tenth results came out. I got slightly higher marks than her son and that was all that she needed to poke her finger at every little thing I did with sarcastic comments like "Oh, you'll do this right... you got higher marks than my son afterall!" I mean comeon! The way she talks... its almost like her son's either channeling Einstein's spirit or he's the reincarnation of Feynmann!

And he got higher marks than me in XII, and then whenever she asked me about my future plans, she would smile in a very sick way that did little to hide the glee she held inside her heart. And then I got a job after college. And she was so happy for me! (yeah right!) And when I decided to ditch the job and continue studying, she's getting all edgy again.

Now all this bullshit doesn't bother me even in the most minuscule of proportions. But today, when Mom informed that 'lady' of the results (out of courtesy ofcourse, since we're still playing this f***ing charade of being close and friendly), and she gives back this off-handish answer as though she's the friggin' Dean of the University that even the dumbest of the lot get into Anna University or so her 'Oh-I'm-so-pure-I-make-God-look-like-a-sinner' son told her. And then she goes about saying she meant that I was too smart to be left out. Like I need HER authentication!

And I still don't give a damn what this lady and her 'perfect' son think. But Mom got all upset on me and blamed me for not doing well... Yep! It was all my fault that some sicko mom-sonny pair is bullshitting her. I tried telling her 'Don't give a rat's fart what they think', but apparently she does and turned this whole thing around to make me look like a child of whom she seemed a little ashamed of.

Well... when a person who's not good at being sarcastic acts like he or she is... the result is pretty funny to observe. And if that lady thinks her son is holy enough to be beatified, I have news for her! He's not perfect and his flaws are just as real as his strengths. I should make myself clear that I don't see him as a friend. I know I do. But since he deems talking to me less worthy of his time, I don't give a shit anymore. But that does not give him or his friggin' family the right to mouth off whatever they like.

Glad I got that out of my system! :D
Cookies anyone?

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