Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reserved rants

I guess the title's not exactly the most creative one a person comes up with! But to hell with it! I am raving mad right now...

If you're a citizen of India, you'll know what 'reservations' in educational institutes mean. It means that it doesn't matter how hard you slog your sorry butt off, if you're not from a particular sucky caste, you will NOT be admitted that easily.

One can have the eleventh highest score! Maybe more than a hundred people wrote the entrance exam... yeah... right.... so what?

That sums up the attitude of the institutions these days. Especially in Tamil Nadu! Of the total seats available, 69% are reserved for different communities (BC, MBC, MBC-muslims, MBC-christians,SC,ST)

And if some one from one of these categories gets a good enough mark, he's no longer considered under that category! Sonny chimp is automatically taken into the general category. And if he couldn't make it through, no worries! The darling government which sucks up to his parents during the elections would definitely give him admissions! And screw the witless bugger who's scored a point higher than him and still missed out on the reserved seats for the open class!

It's kinda ironic, isn't it? All they talk about is shit about eqality and other equally sugary sweet stuff and then they pull out some cheap trick like this! I know this post is not going to change the state of the nation... I know hardly anybody reads this! But I still feel I need to talk about this. To let it all out. And if the honourable chief minister and his bunch of monkeys who run the government would come in front of me, I would gladly show them the finger and be done with it!

But you know... the government's not the only body to be blamed! Discrimination based on Caste is still rampant! I mean come on! One lady appeared scandalized when she was asked if she would let her marry her daughter out of love... Heaven forbid if her daughter brought home some guy who was not from a particular sub-sect in a particular sect in a particular caste! Gosh! I really hope her daughter marries an american for this!

And so, if people like that old hag are still out there, I would gladly show them 'the finger' and be done with it!

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