Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rambles miscellaneous

I believe I have devised a perfect plan to get rich! Well... this is how I intend to carry out this ingenious plan of mine! This is for all ye insomniacs out there! It appears that the folks in my family feel I tend to bore people with whatever I am saying. And for this simple reason, they walk away at the simplest of excuses and that leaves me talking to myself for a few seconds before I realize there isn't anyone around to actually listen to what I have to say. So, if the way I talk is that boring... why not use it to lull people to sleep? Well... just to make sure that they don't walk away as well (that would affect the procedure's efficiency you see!), they ought to be tied down to the bed. And then, I shall start talking about some topic or the other. And as we all know, boring activities induce sleep in even the most insomniac of insomniacs!
And Ta Da! They shall doze off and I shall get paid! A win-win situation don't you think? ^_~.
The only problem is that if I bore them so much they go insane... Hmm... I guess I'll have to have a meter that warns me when to stop! :D
And just in case some people have missed it... that was a rant.
AH! I shouldn't be thinking such thoughts right now! I mean... come on! I've an exam tomorrow! Oh blimey! That's right!

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