Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random happenings in my mundane world

My new (read: so revamped it's almost new) system is home and right now, I'm writing this blog sitting in front of it. And I've installed Mozilla FireFox. I find this browser is just as good (sometimes better) than Internet Explorer!

Okay... it still feels a little weird... I mean, I didn't know my virtual pet would be aligned to the left in FireFox when it appears to the center in Internet Explorer. Oh well... now that problem is fixed.
And then there was this issue with the chair I use for the computer. It's armrests were giving me such bad shoulder pains. Every time I wanted to type something in it, I had to sit as though I was the long lost twin of the Hunchback of Notre Dame! Well... Now that's fixed as well!

And can someone tell me why Nokia Chargers cost so much?! I had to shell out Rs.650 yesterday to buy a new one! It's almost half the price of my Dad's cell phone! Sigh... If this keeps up, my resources will dry up faster than I imagine and then.... *dread* I will have to depend on Mother!

Now I have nothing against asking Mom for money. But it's just that it sends me through such bad guilt trips every time I do so. She works so hard to keep the cogs going and the least I could do is manage my own finances, which is exactly what I've been doing. But now that I'm back to being a student, my inlet for moolah has vanished and I feel like some stranded Sheik in a fast drying Oil well!

I just hope something comes along the way and I am saved! (coughmoneygiftersalertcough)

Well... that's it for now. There is another more morbid train of thought running through my mind. But all of that for another day. Which reminds me! I'm supposed to meet up with my friends at the beach today! Yikes! I've completely forgotten!

Aaaaand it's Mom's birthday today!
I'd made a flashy PowerPoint presentation for her. And I was the only one who actually remembered! Yay! For once I didn't forget it... But I couldn't get her anything... Darn Dad and my lent out eight hundred bucks! >=(

That's it for now... the new seating arrangement is worse than the old one! WHY?!!!!!! *sigh* I'll have to fix this as soon as possible now! My shoulders will give up soon at this rate! (T___T)

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  1. Firefox is 'as good as' explorer ??? *shakes head* Firefox is light years ahead dear one. And great that you know what it feels to be a poor academic :D