Friday, January 16, 2009

An Ode to Appu

This post is the result of a suggestion from one of my friends who, unable to bear my silly and totally annoying babbling anymore, suggested I write a poem about a good friend... And well... here it goes! :)

"Who'll be your best friend?"
The boy taunted the child.
And her eyes fell onto the floor
And so did her toothy smile.
A sniffle and a silent sigh -
She lifted her head back high!
"I've my Appu!" was her firm reply.

As though to attest her words,
As though to proclaim them true,
He whisked out the open door!
And all her troubles - away, they flew.
She hugged the fawn head
And got a wet lick back instead
And a joyous bark from his mouth, issued.

None did dare openly taunt her now.
Not that she cared what they thought!
She had a true friend for life
And thus all her pain, she forgot.
They'd frolic by the sea...
Not minding jealousy!
An adamant strong bond was wrought.

But things didn't go so well at all
And soon her friend passed through the veil
And alone she smiled as she cried
Knowing he was in a greener dale
"Farewell friend," she sighed at last
"You're the best of memories from my past!"
And so that's how I write this little tale.

I love you, Appu! My friend.... my philosopher... and my love!

As many must've guessed, Appu was my friend... he was not exactly human. But I speak the truth in letting people know he was the only one who stood by me when I was bullied by the neighbourhood kids, when I was alone, when I needed a shoulder to lean on. He was the (only) one who'd seen me cry and he had his own sweet way of letting me know that everything will be alright. I miss him now more than ever. :')
Hope he's finding doggy-heaven comfortable enough!

P.S. I know nobody's going to steal this not being exactly stunning and all... But well... if you do plan to take it, don't! It's akin to robbing a grave.

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