Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reminiscing the good 'ol days!

Hello there, my dear readers! Ah! It has been long, hasn't it?

Well... I was quite busy with updates regarding my fanfiction and other literary pursuits so I think I should be excused. Though I wonder if anyone missed me! :D

(Caution: This post could be extremely sentimental and should never be used to blackmail the authoress later on! Any attempt to do so will result in severe sporking and incessant rendering of silly, fluffy Mary-Sue'ish fanfics!)

Ah well... there are things that I sorely miss and this post is to shed light on one of those dear things. Being with friends. Ah! Before you decide to classify this as an angsty rant by someone on the throes of depression, I would like to clarify. I don't mean to say I don't have good friends! No! I've realized that now... there certain people who have stood by me through thick and thin....people I've known to be true and caring.

I had a reunion with two such friends of mine. And it made me yearn for the school days that I so foolishly thought were all uneventful! Sure, half the time I was comically running between classes and the nurses' office, but there were the good times too! And they were there with me.

Minu, Vini, Pavi and Deeps... This post is a tribute to you guys!

We all started out as classmates and soon that relationship deepened into friendship. And the bond of fellowship has only grown stronger with the years! I wish we could stay sixteen forever... never grow up... never have to part ways... always joking... always carefree... but the cruel thing called Time wanes for all of us!

But yesterday, when Minu and Vini came over, it felt like I had been transported to some scene of the past... all three of us, the oldest in the group... laughing till our sides hurt, talking of everything under the sun... Oh the joy!

I'm glad to have known you guys and hope I'll be lucky enough to have your friendship for the rest of my life.


  1. hey ash... i was sure moved readin tat...its true... i really wanna go back to our school days... hmmm... love you guys...