Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anxious musings...

I wonder.... what does one do when a classmate asks you if you have cyanide or a .22 calibre pistol? Do you laugh at the person and walk away thinking perhaps the course was getting to his head or do you frown and bite your lip as you see someone you know suffer in the throes of depression.

Now, if you want to know what I did, I moderated between the two. But it still worries me to think that there is someone who's going through some kind of trouble and as a friend (to a certain degree), I knew nothing.

Now, this person isn't that close to me actually. He hardly talks to me per se... but well... I still respect him and I guess he feels the same way about him. And it has occured to many in my class (including me) that perhaps he is undergoing certain amount of depression.

And when he asked us all to give him a score on how he looked, I began suspecting maybe that is the reason of his insecurity. But he needn't exactly worry if that be the case. He isn't that bad looking a person. And let's face it... fifty years down the lane, most of us aren't going to look like Harrison Ford!

*sigh* And I also suspect perhaps he has been denied courtship by a lady. And if his looks were the reason, I seriously don't think he should go about worrying about that! I mean, look at me! I'm still alive even after having managed to remain totally oblivious to all the cute software engineers in Cognizant! ;D

Now all we can do is include him in all our group activities and hope to get him back out of his shell. Ai Elbereth! And they say girls are complex!


  1. Possibly. But that still is no reason to contemplate suicide! I mean come on! There are more gay/lesb people around than we know and the world's slowly accepting them in.