Thursday, January 8, 2009

Remembering Ninja

Today, I came across this one article about a cat - Ninja. What's so special about this feline, you ask?

Well... the story ebhind ehr is not a funny or happy one, my friends! 'Tis a sad tale.

Read it here -->> Click me!

And having read that, I wondered, things aren't that different here either!

When was the last time you saw a dog or cat run away, afraid, as you bent down to light a fire cracker? Yep! I'm talking of the 'Oh-yay-special' Diwali that we celebrate!

It goes on without implication that animals are terrified of the loud and bright fireworks, we inconsiderate humans indulge in. And there are so many reports of animals suffering because of burns or have lost a leg or a tail or turning permanently deaf because some Idiot felt the best place to light up fire crackers was right next to the sleeping creature!

It's about time we thought about this... Diwali without crackers isn't that bad an idea! I've been following the 'no-crackers' way for more than seven years now and I'll have you know, I feel much better!

It is far more gratifying when you know that your Diwali was an enjoyable one - not just for you, but for every single creature on the planet!

This blog will henceforth feature a lot more of such tales and rants regarding animal issues! If it makes you readers a little uncomfortable, I'm sorry! The truth was never comforting to begin with! =)

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