Friday, January 8, 2010

Why? Oh why?

Today, as Mom was getting ready to leave for office, I asked her, "Why are men so attracted to women? And why are women so attracted to men?"

She laughed at this and just went about arranging her dress for the day.

And so, I'm left without an answer... why are men and women so attracted to each other? I'm sure it's something more than the need to procreate... I mean, if that was the case, we wouldn't go through heartbreaks. Isn't it amazing how something we take for granted has so many interesting facets to it?

P.S. I need coffee... and a puppy!


  1. sadly the person who could answer that is long eve.maybe coz we want what we dont

  2. i agree with Soin...and may be we dont have another gender tooo...only one choice :-)

  3. @Soin and Rohini: Hehehe... well... I guess it's better we don't know!