Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The final semester has begun at last and today was my first class... Advanced Materials.... *cue yawn* It's not like I have anything against the subject or the professor! But... come now... when I could've taken up something as interesting as Non-linear Dynamics and Chaos computing, I'm stuck with Advanced Materials! And as if this wasn't enough to have me running around in circles, tearing my hair apart, I had some major WTF moments today!

Moment #1:
The professor who takes Advanced Materials started the first class with questions on what composites were. Now, we'd brushed up a little on what composites are and their basic properties. But, come on! The first class? The first thing he utters is a question?! *sigh* And well... I had the answers for most of his questions (I could be wrong... but I had answers! :P) and was about to say them... but before I had plucked up enough courage to even open my mouth and utter at least more than two words, he had left the question and hopped on to the next one. And well... I decided I would get this one out at the very least. He asked us what the need for composites were. I had just started the answer and before I could complete, he said "Exactly!"... I'm sure he's either telekinetic or really wanted to end the class as soon as possible!

Moment #2:
One of my friends from another course under the same department as mine wanted a change in his electives. Now, for the uninitiated, my HOD (Head of the Department) is the kind of guy you wouldn't want to mess around with. And for as long as you are under his roof, you will just have to smile and bear with whatever bullshit he puts in front of you. I know it's not exactly fair... but hey! Who said life was all fair to begin with?! My friend is the kind of person who does not take these kinds of dilly-dallying lying down. (But the HOD has far less control over his degree than he has over mine! -__-;;;)
And so, he spoke in less than diplomatic ways in front of HOD and finally, after a consensus was reached, another professor (let's call her Mrs. Dawn) had asked him if he wanted to do his desired elective with us. But he vehemently went against the idea and when asked why, he told her that the folks in my course were a little of the arrogant side. Her immediate question was if he meant a certain tall girl. Now, I'm the only 'tall girl' in my class as the others are basically 'slightly less to normal' height. Why would this qualify as a WTF moment, you ask? Well... because the lady has never ever spoken to me and doesn't take any classes for me. So, I am at a total loss as to how she could be the judge of my character. And further more, if I was as arrogant as she thinks I am, I wouldn't be taken for granted by so many people in that god damned place!

*sigh* I just wish to be done with that place once and for all! =/


  1. everyone seems to have sadistic profs.thankfully most of my profs are nice sane people.and many teachers have idea about other students they dont handle also.what else do they have to do in the staff room?free

  2. @Soin: Hear! Hear! And consider yourself lucky that you're blessed with angelic professors! :)

  3. Ithellaam ezhuthuratha? Namma college maanam parakkuthulle!?