Thursday, March 4, 2010

If I called... would you come?

I saw Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya last week. And I haven't been so moved in ages! Before ye brand me as a hopeless romantic, hear my plea!

The movie showed love as it is. None of the flossy running around trees with hags dressed in angel costumes showering you with paper flowers... no loud mouthed hero who could beat up twenty goons with one hand... no villainous super villain who is hell bent on killing the hero... no sugar coating... ever!

The Hero's the kind of guy you meet everyday. A guy who's in love, yet doesn't go overboard in his proclamations. A heroine who's sane, doesn't wear a skimpy mini skirt to office (just because the script demanded it!), doesn't faint in the middle of a fight (there are no fights here... not the dishoom dishoom types, at-least!), doesn't go overboard with the face paint... is just your girl next door. And they fall in love. Simple as that... or probably not... But the movie shows it as it is.

The songs were beautiful, especially 'Hosana'... It had a nice feel to it. Almost like making me smile thinking of the kind of love he had for his girl. And the other songs gelled well with the script... so, no problems there! If there's one other thing that got me straight at the heart, it's the carefully selected ambience throughout the movie. Not a couch is out of place... and just because it's a movie, nothing's been glamourized or overdone.

And in the end... what really got me was the climax. It was so different... yet so right! I was a little anxious when I heard a rumour they'd changed it! No other ending would work and Gautham Vasudeva Menon has understood that! I can't say how glad I am to finally meet a director who doesn't dilly dally just to make it commercial!

On the whole, for music, I'd give it 5/5! (A.R.R. rocked the roofs off, people!)

For cinematography and camera work, I'd again give it a 5/5!

For Simbu, whom I had earlier been wary of, for having given such a memorable performance, especially towards the end, I give him a 4.75/5... still gotta work on the voice, me lad!

For Trisha, for portraying 89% of girls in the country so beautifully, I give her another 5/5.

For Ganesh, the trusty best friend of the hero, for having carved a special place in the hearts of the masses without having to do slapstick humour, I give him a 5/5.

And for Gautham, for having given such a heart touching tale in its true colours, I give him yet another 5/5!

On a final note, this movie has made me laugh... made me sniffle.... made me feel so many things... Everybody... go see it NOW!!

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