Monday, March 15, 2010

Woes of an Interview

I've just gotten back from an Interview session at TIFR, for my PhD application. And let me tell you something.... It went so horribly wrong! I shalln't go into the details and relive the horror, thank you! But... imagine a room... with six of the brainiest and cockiest people on the face of the planet and one poor, scared and comparatively dimwitted soul trapped inside for one whole hour!
Just thinking about it makes me feel faint! Ah well... I guess I've seen the worst there is... so, all things should be better in comparison, hereon?

And I don't know... somehow, after the trip, I feel a lot of people have been having the wrong ideas about me... And it pains me to see this in plain sight... being ignored... or treated with a hint of disdain. Ah well... I sure as hell, hope I'm being paranoid here. And if I'm not, well... tough luck! It was nice knowing you people!

But to give others their due credit, I'm as thankful as the first human who found toast bread for having friends who actually messaged me and called me, encouraging me to do my best! Thanks guys!

And as for now, I'm just putting this event out of my mind and shall be concentrating on the exams that are to come! Hopefully, there'll be at least one institute that's sucker enough to take me in! :P

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