Sunday, March 21, 2010

In search of Understanding.

Time seems to have warped around me in a sense! Events that happened a long time ago.... months ago... seem as though they had occurred to pass just yesterday and those that are merely a few days old, seem way more ancient in chronology.

Surely, I live in a surreal rut right now. And to add to the misery, some of my closest friends seem to be going through quite the rough patch right now... almost as if synchronized with my misfortunes (though, I'd like to call it a chance awakening for which I am eternally grateful!).

One of them is in an abusive relationship. Her partner has given her such mental torture that she went as far as slitting her wrist. Though I am seething with fury at the asshole for being the one responsible for her pain, I can't help but be a little angry at my friend as well. How could she be so stupid? Why did she have to do that just to make him feel better? Why can't she just show him the middle finger and walk away? And I'm left without answers.

Isn't the greatest fear of Man loneliness? Though we try to reassure ourselves otherwise, all the problems of the world stem from the lack of understanding and the fear of being alone. And being alone doesn't necessarily mean being alone physically. I for one, know how lonely one can feel even when one is with someone when there is no understanding...the fear of not being understood... that is what plagues every single person around.

Maybe my friend feared the very same thing... Maybe she was weak... We're all weak deep inside... somewhere deep inside, we're all lonely children waiting for a comforting hug or a smile or a reassuring pat on the back. Some lucky ones find them... and most don't.

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  1. Not at all... Everyone is very strong deep inside. It just takes hella lot to know that beneath the perceived weakness is the great glory of a human. It's very much a fallacy of your friend. As her that nothing ends in a relationship. Everything ends only in the death of the SELF and SELFISHNESS