Sunday, March 7, 2010

Seriously.... wtf?!

I have to admit... the Internet is one weird place! And with Google thrown into the picture, it's almost surreal! It's almost like there are no questions that haven't been asked before! (except perhaps some obscure book on Metallurgy... but that could be because I'm not searching too hard!)
Well, why am I at awe all of a sudden, having had the Internet at my disposal for longer than I care to remember? Well... it's a little silly, actually.

I remember a time when there were no DTH services... no hidden charges for cable channels... a time when I was the happiest (Animax.... my darling Animax! T__T). And at that time, they had shown this really weird but good (it was good because it was weird! :P) sci-fi show. I had long since forgotten its name and remember just bits and pieces of it... (the blue lady with the phallic head just refuses to leave my mind, for some weird reason!)

And suddenly, I wanted to know what that show was named. The problem, I didn't know anything about the show... not the names of the characters, the actors who played the parts... zilch! The only thing I remember vivdly is that the ship in which they travel was a live thing. And so, I did a Google search typing "ship that is alive"... I was feeling like a total twat when I was doing it. I mean... anyone who sees me thus is probably going to think I've lost my marbles!

And voila! I needn't worry. Someone had obviously had the same doubt before me and had asked the question! And strangely, the question was phrased exactly how I had pictured my query to sound like! "Which sci-fi show has a ship that is alive?"

Can you believe it?! :D And so, thanks to that good soul, I now know the name of that show.... not that knowing it gives added meaning to my life... but what the heck!

P.S. I suck at conversations! I just managed to drive away a classmate on Chat thanks to my apathetic replies ! *sigh* I lead a sad... sad life!

P.P.S. if anyone's wondering what show I was refering to, it's called "Farscape". Heard of it? Hmmmm? Hmmmmm? Hmmmmmmm?

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