Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally.... free!

Remember when I told you, I was at a crossroads of sorts? Well... I have decided finally. This will involve the breaking of some bonds and the building of others. But I know the bonds I build now shalln't be the same as before and I hope I'm doing the right thing here. Then again, I'm not happy with the way things are right now and rather than wait for some force to come change it for me, I hope to be the force that shall bring it about!

I don't know how many people understand what I try to express here. The fewer the better. But a time has come to give it right back at some people! And thankfully, I am well supported by friends who're some of the best things God ever created!

Speaking of God, I sometimes wonder if I should smile and thank him or suckerpunch him and then do the talking! But I guess what doesn't kill me makes me stronger and the recent events have made me strong enough to take on Chuck Norris if need be!

Now, everyday is a new possibility... and I am relieved to be free at last! :)

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