Friday, July 9, 2010

Viva.... octopus....trouble.... Yikes!

It has finally been decreed! My Viva voce shall happen on the 13th of July, at eleven in the morning! And now that the date and time and the name of the executioner(read external invigilator) has been announced, I feel the jittery anxiety waves that one experiences before some big event! I sure hope I don't get butchered by people! ;(

And in other news, a cephalopod joins my club of those who can see the future! I'm sure most of you must be aware of Paul the octopus! And now that Germany has lost, true to Paul's predictions, everybody wants a piece of him (quite literally!). Hmmmm.... to be gifted is a burden... And the talented and the great are forced to bear it!

So, people.... wish me luck for the Viva and Paul to survive the season! :D

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