Monday, July 19, 2010

When the cuckoo flies overhead...

The past few days has been quite something! I know I can't believe I'm saying this... but my house looks habitable... Heck! It looks so neat and pretty! I seriously didn't think I could achieve this in two days but I sure did! So now, when my uncle and his family (his -in-laws included!) drop in after three years, they'll see squeaky clean rooms and paraphernalia! And believe me, I've learnt my lesson of not hoarding up useless junk and throwing it away if I don't need it! Yes sir!

And it set me thinking. Why did I collect all those junk that I actually didn't need or finished using? Hmmmm... the reason might sound utterly ridiculous and I'm not sure how many people are going to kill me or laugh till they die once they know it! But what the heck! The reason was because I felt sorry for those things. Yes! I actually thought I was hurting the feelings of the used pen by throwing it away... I felt it would be thinking (yes... 'it' would be thinking... apparently some might feel I wasn't! :P) that I'd dumped it once my use for it was over... and so, every stub of used pencil, unusable erasers, torn notebooks, and every other sort of junk found its way into my room and stayed there! Well... being an only child, I didn't have too much company around... Even friends were few and far in between. Maybe that was why I grew up considering the feelings of all objects around me... living and non-living... because those things kept me company when I was alone. This sounds depressing ne? Ah well! :D at least nobody can call me cruel! So there!

And this sets me thinking again... I've seen more than my share of people move away... grow away from me. If people could lose interest and outgrow my friendship and acquaintance, how different am I from the so called 'junk' that I threw out today? People who'd spoken so happily to me don't even seem to recognize me these days... or maybe they choose not to. Maybe I'm just a part of a past that they have no need for. Ah well... here's wishing all of them the very best for their future and I pray they never get this sort of treatment... it hurts! :/

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