Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happenings from this part of the world

Isn't it sad when you find a friend who has so much to say but doesn't stop to look around or listen to realize their words have no listeners? And when you try helping them, you end up listening and realizing.... they're so full of crap! It's just so sad! For all their bravado, they cannot hide a lonely heart! Maybe they'll find some peace if they were to step down from the pedestal once in a while and view the other mortals for what we truly are - imperfect!

In other news, my best friend's grandpa has managed to re-instill my faith in Love marriages. Imagine staying married for 53 years and seeing your family bloom from nothing... getting through the good times and the bad and still so madly in love even though the loved one has crossed over to the land of angels and harps! He actually still has the train ticket from fifty years ago... that fateful journey when he first saw the woman who would be his wife in life and death! He has my deepest respect and my even deeper condolences for losing his wife. I'm sure she's in such a beautiful place and misses only one thing to make it perfect ... him. But I hope he shalln't leave the rest of us too soon in bereavement! :)

And I'm finally getting back to writing after what seems ages of hiatus! WOOT!!! I sure did miss some of that good old fun from writing fiction and poetry! It almost feels like I'm back where I belong! But, I know I cannot actually make this my job.... I'm not bad... But I'm not good either! Eh... to be stuck in the middle as always! Aaaaaanyway, getting away from depressing thoughts, I'm celebrating the return with as much cheer and smiling as I can possibly manage without people dragging me away to the mental asylum! So, there you have it folks! Say it with me! WOOT!!!

And Argentina lost... I saw that coming.... maybe I DO have ESP! WOOT again! :P

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  1. hey u toaster.... thanks a tonn for posting that one... u just made my day...these wud hav been the exact words that granpa wud like to read... thanks... cheers n ya never lose hope...