Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why God, WHY????!

Don't you just hate it when you're going through the website of some of the premier research institutes in the country and it suddenly hits you how bad a PR they have? I mean... most of their webpages are defunct and redirect you to random places that weren't your intended destinations? And I seem to be seeing this the most when I'm trying to run a background search on some of the research faculties there! Aaaaargh! It's so irritating! For once, you'd think people who can get a P.hD. in Quantum Computing would atleast know how to maintain a decent webpage! I'm not talking about the flashy interactive website here. Just the normal text only type where I can actually get some info on what they're working on! And then, in the end, I get blamed for not doing enough research! What should I do now? Hire a private detective to tail them and find out what they do? I swear, I see another "404 error page not found" and I might just start breaking things here!

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