Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blah....Blah.....And more Blah!

Don't you feel that sometimes people tend to over-embellish what they write? I mean, it's okay to convey the meaning in simple terms... a few extravagant synonyms are okay. But to write an entire post with a propped up thesaurus, hunting the most obscure word ever and to preen over the fact that nobody can understand what's being said.... it defeats the entire purpose of writing, doesn't it?

And now I dread, have I been doing the same unconsciously? Have I fallen prey to the same grouch of using the most obscure meaning even when a simpler one would've sufficed? Have I been a "Thesaurus Freak"?

And then I realize, it's been ages since I've even opened one! =D

P.S. I sense a trend a'brewing where almost every verbally gifted friend of mine with a blog is trying their hand on deep, philosophical and often morose topics that deal with the Human Psyche. And I should say, I have been indulging in similar veins myself! Hmmmmm.... Is this a global phenomenon?

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