Saturday, January 15, 2011

Of itchy faces and boils that itch.

I have a really huge boil along the inner lash line of my eye. And god knows how it got there! But I'm really averse to show this to the family because they'll think I'm putting something to my face that's causing a break out. Kinda strange for a person who hasn't purchased Talcum Powder for years now!And to make matters worse, my face looks like that of a pubescent teenager! And it itches so much!

 And I'm really wondering if I should go get that facial everybody's been goading me to get! Why can't pimples and boils just be? We could reach an agreement! Why do they have to itch so much and why should my face turn almost red after a couple of scratches? What is wrong with the world?! T_T

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