Friday, January 7, 2011

My two cents

Have you ever been through a phase in life where you find that the people around you seem to realize you're existent only when they need something done through you? Are you one of those "best friends" who never get any replies to your "Good Morning!" messages or your casual well meant "Hi! What's up?" Well.... what can I say, people! Join the club.

I've had more friends than I care to count who've only smiled or spoken with me when they needed something done or when they were extensively bored. It's a funny thing, actually... I have a maximum of four or five "real" friends who'd actually turn up if I told them I was in an alley being mugged! And most of them would probably tap the mugger over the shoulder, hand him their wallet and grin at me as they join me, hands raised. It's a silly metaphor.... I don't even know if it is one! But that's deviating from the topic. You get the message... a handful of friends who would actually give a damn.

But even when I realize this, I don't let the others know how much of a jerk they're being. And anyone with a logical turn of mind would probably scoff at me right now, thinking what a Dodo I'm being. But hear me out before you pass your judgement, ye smart ones in the crowd!

Sure, they take me for granted. Sure, they don't return calls or texts and are perpetually busy. Sure, they suddenly seem to have remembered you at the same opportune moment when their project needs a fitting Preface and their puppy needs a new home. And I can get all vindictive and refuse to do whatever it is that they want me to do. But if you think that will drive in a point, you're mistaken. If they had that pinch of sensitivity, they wouldn't be trampling on well meaning friends, would they? Oh no... they'll have someone else who'd do it for them. And then, they'll return back to the ways of ignoring you completely... the only difference? Now, they have a "legitimate" reason to do so.

I prefer to help them in any way possible. Keeping it to the point without any of the friendly pleasantries friends would normally dabble in before getting to the topic, I give it to them, as they wanted. If I were to deny help, I'll be pulling myself down to their level. I will help people... not because I have to but because I can... And what others think of me when they ask me a favor is entirely their business!

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