Monday, September 5, 2011

Don't you just hate it?

Everybody has a list of pet peeves that they can't seem to get along with! These things make people really see red sometimes! And I, being as pervious to those emotions of the Human Psyche as ever, have quite a list of pet peeves!

I absolutely hate it when -

  • People talk with food in their mouth. I mean, come on! I do not want to see the initial processes of digestion, thank you! So, if you'll just keep your food to yourself and your words afterwards, I shall be eternally indebted to you.
  • People who don't wait in a line. It's utterly irritating when someone who comes in after you and a gazillion people before you and automatically assumes that it's okay to just go up to the front and get whatever it is they want. This happens so blatantly in India that it's almost an accepted norm these days! I absolutely cannot stand when people just decide to disregard laws when they see fit.
  • People who're basically hypocritical. Follow what you preach or preach what you follow. And if you can't, just don't bother telling the others around about your double standard idiosyncrasies that we've no use of!
  • Arrogant know-it-alls. Has it ever occurred to you that when you're in a classroom, there's always this person who just has to answer all the questions? Well, there's absolutely nothing wrong being a know-it-all. I mean, I laud your thirst for knowledge. But it is when they start being all high and mighty about it that it starts to bug me. The one who go as far as flaunting their grads while putting down the less fortunate ones seriously need some help in the department of "Life"!
  • People who just cut in when you're talking. I am a person who patiently waits for the other person to finish speaking so that I can put my views across. But if I'm cut off abruptly, it can be assured that I shall be seeing the most vivid red in the whole wide world! I've had the misfortune of having to endure this behavior with my own family and I try being civil in pointing it out... but to no vain! They think I'm being impolite. Oy Vey!
  • People who don't understand a thing about what you go through but still assume they know you well enough to give you shitty advice about it. I've had so many instances when friends and relatives have thronged me with unwanted advice on all topics thinkable! And I generally tend to listen to them with a patient ear even if I don't intend to follow through some of them. But the one thing that gets me all worked up is when some random person decides that they shall take it upon themselves to actually micromanage your life and see to it that you do things as they see fit. This also includes those instances when they put down something you hold closer to your heart even when they don't have a clue about what they're talking about. This, I'm afraid, is one of my worse peeves ever!
  • People who can't keep up their promises. If I had to choose one peeve that I absolutely cannot change, it would be this! I hate it when people break their word. If only those who can't keep promises were a little apologetic about it, but I hate it when they think it's okay to have broken their word and your trust in them at one go. I hate it when people get all angry when you question them about this behavior of theirs. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT when someone expects something from you and then promises to do the same but just walk away with nary a word of explanation. People like that are the worst!
Ah.... was that a long enough list? Then again, there are a few other "tiny" things that get me but all of that falls within these points so, it would be redundant expressing them again.

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