Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ah Lord, Take me... NOW!!!!

I've been observing a lot lately.... A LOT!

Isn't it weird that mostly on Indian roads, the folks with the really expensive cars sometimes behave like they have not an ounce of dura mater up their heads?! I mean, seriously! Here are folks who're rich enough to own a Porche or an Audi. But fey fate! They weren't exactly blessed with a matching common sense to drive these cars on the roads! It's almost like they have an inner voice telling them that if they were "smart" enough to get some really awesome cars, they're smart enough to flout rules and do as they please on roads. When I see people with that sort of mentality, I have this picture in my head!

When will people ever learn?

On another note, if you're getting a weird font for some inexplicable reason when you view certain websites, you might find this discussion useful!

Serif font appears weird!

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