Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rants... nothing more!

When someone is getting married in your family, it involves so many chores! So many Goddamn cleaning chores!!!!

And I'm absolutely hating the fact that almost everybody in the family is pushing their chores towards me just because I don't run around with the preparations! I mean, come on! They say they need to go somewhere and have me do it or wash half a window and then sit down to watch TV while I have to work their parts as well! This sucks! This sucks so bad that if I had a shotgun right now, I'd be on a random shooting spree! (mostly avoiding all living creatures, :P) Just this morning, I had to hang onto a goddamn window like a goddamn monkey to clean it while my sire so stupidly decided to blow off the cobwebs with the goddamn fan on! Now, I've to clean the whole goddamn room! I did try telling him doing it with a goddamn cloth will be better. But did he listen? NOOOOOOO! I still had to use the goddamn wet cloth anyway so right now, I miffed, royally pissed and wish all the stupid and uttery stubborn people of the world could be whipped within an inch of their lives!

Aaaaaaah.... I feel much better now! :)

P.S. I have no idea who the actual artist behind that image is. But if you know the person, do let me know! Just looking at that image made me calm down! :D

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