Saturday, December 20, 2008

Queues, cat fights and Two Grand!

Today has been quite the day! It involved standing for almost four hours straight, cat fights, walks that lasted three kilometers and one really beat me!

There were severe storms near my place a month ago and the government in their very cunning and jackass-smart way of insuring popularity, declared funds of two grand for every family with a ration card. And in my family, there were two ration cards... that meant we could get four grand on the whole. And actually, the rains weren't thaaat bad. But hey, free money is always a good thing!

And so, the ordeal began. Since it meant that all families with ration cards would be gearing up for the same thing, we knew it would be tough. And when we did reach the public school where the funds were being given out, we knew we weren't mistaken. The school had a really REALLY vast playground and the place was overflowing with people! People from all walks of life... rich ones who still wanted the money... not so rich ones (like me) who could use the money... and the poor ones who needed the money! But in India, when you have a lot of people all vying for the same thing and a very little amount of patience, things start to get interesting (or vexing depending upon your position in the whole ordeal)!

There were two queues actually... one for the men and another for the women. And the one for the women was actually twice as long as the one for men but surprisingly, the women were getting the work done twice as fast as the men were! Is this a sign that women are better or is it just that the women-folk tend to get what they want and no force known t man, God or whatever can stop them!(That gives me a very nice feeling, you know!)

And so I stood... and kept standing... and standing.... almost getting there.... Gosh... I think I've lost feeling in my left foot....there goes the right foot!

To be standing non-stop isn't that bad. But when you're forced to watch a cat fight in the making, it can get tiring! It all involved with these huge women (their BMI must've left the solar system a long time ago!) and how they sat down in the queues when they could stand no longer! (Can't blame them!) Now the queue is a dynamic entity... it moves. And so, these women would have to get up every five minutes or so only to plop their vast rear-ends to the ground half an inch away. So, these genius ladies overcompensate by sitting yards away. Having confirmed their position in the queue, they fall back in line when the queue's moved a considerable distance forward. Ah! Clever... so you'd think! But there are women who barge in along with the genuine members when the queue begins to move after a loooooooong time (think in hours here). And this automatically leads to cat-fights!

It's strange how these women find the energy to fight when they've been standing in the sun for four hours straight! The Human body and mind never cease to amaze me! And it makes me wonder... is the money worth all this trouble? And then I remember... I can keep five hundered from this amount! And I continue to endure the pain.

And by the time I'd gotten my hands on the two grand, I was strangely feeling very refreshed! This led me to walk all the way from the school back home. A walk that was atleast three kilometers long. Now that isn't exactly a marathorn distance... but when you've stood in the sun for four hours straight, had nothing for lunch and still accomplish the feat... now that's worth blogging about!

I know I will be sleeping like I'm brain dead tomorrow. But hey! I'll be a slightly richer brain dead person and I've gotta wake up some time or the other! ;D

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  1. I would drink a quart of H2SO4 for two grand