Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So.... out of place!

Have you ever had the feeling of suddenly, quite abruptly feeling out of place of sorts when you're in the midst of friends? I mean, one moment... you're all friendly and then suddenly, you get these vibes that maybe.... just maybe they're not that very into the entire "friendship with you" aspect.

Hmmm.... right now, I seem to be getting those sort of vibes from a few of my friends. It's kinda sad this way. Because, right now, I feel the loneliest I've ever been and for some reason, these few friends were the ones in whom I'm confided most of my secrets and apprehensions. Maybe that is why they inch away.... then I am to blame, ne? LOL... If you think you belong to this category, then I am very very sorry for having burdened you with my problems! :)

All in all.... right now is a very difficult time for me... but that's okay! I'll get through that all by myself, thank you! :)

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