Monday, November 30, 2009

Exams are done with.... But still no respite

Today was my last exam for the third semester. And I am so glad it is over! The third semester felt like such a bitch for some reason... But somehow, in the end, I think I am a teeny tiny bit stronger on the inside... especially in the things that I've noticed and accepted in the past few weeks.

Ah... now we're veering off the topic, are we not! Exams are over and well... just when I think I can rest a while, I'm going to have to start my Project work as soon as possible... or so my project guide says. Now, my Project guide's a pretty decent chap and the fact that even though there are three people working under him for the final semester project, he sat me alone down and has given me a bit of an advanced field for study. While the rest are dealing with perturbation theory in Quantum Mechanics, I'll be working out Path Integrals from Quantum electrodynamics for description on a periodic potential system.

Now I might sound like someone who know what she's talking about... but actually, I'm just as stumped as you guys are. Sure... I know the basics of Quantum Electrodynamics and well... I know a few things about it as an interested layman would. Now, I'll have to get down and dirty with the nitty gritties of mathematics.. and for some reason, I'm more excited about this than I ever can remember. I hope every single person who reads this spends a moment praying or wishing for me to live up to the expectations of my well meaning professor!

Ciao for now! I'll keep posting updates on how it's shaping up! =D

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