Friday, November 27, 2009


Something good always happens out of everything... This is something I've come to believe very strongly in these days!

I find it makes life all the more bearable and in the long run, a very happy experience... ne?

If anybody out there is wondering why I am waxing philosophically thus, I'll tell you...

I am a very absent minded person in reality... I have walked into poles and walls when I was young (and I still do!). The very reason why I had lost a lot of valuable items in my life was because I've been absent minded... and for some reason, this makes me seem very aloof to people outside my head. I understand that I am a bit difficult to get along with... and well, if it is any consolation to the people I know, I do not do any of the things you might think to be hurtful intentionally.... I'm a baka as I am. I guess there aren't many people out there who can accept me for who I really.... truly am. But hey! Fine with me... I'm used to this kind of a feeling. =D

Anyway.... I had been checking my mail yesterday and horror of horrors! The GATE application I had sent has been earmarked because the photo I had sent was not of the best quality... well... since I had sent the same photo to TIFR and they didn't seem to have a problem with it, I thought I'd stick to that.

They had sent the mail five days ago. But I have no idea what happened, I had received it only yesterday. And the URL they had given me for uploading a better photo would expire that night... that very night that I had seen it for the first time! Rest assured... there was pandemonium in the house with accusations aplenty thrown in my direction that I hadn't been attentive enough the first time... wringing of hands in exasperation as I tried explaining that I hadn't seen this mail the last time I'd signed in.... all to no avail. Finally, I managed to get a proper photograph with the proper pixel size and resolution and uploaded it around nine in the night. And today, I try that URL and it shows a message telling me it had expired and that I could do nothing...

Phew! Boy oh boy! Instead of cursing the higher power for giving me such unwanted anxieties in the last minute (including some really tensed conversations with my parents ;P), I am thankful that I had seen the mail when I had... Imagine the horror if I had seen it today! *shudder* GATE is my only hope right now... and if I wasn't even allowed to try it, I don't know how I'd feel... :(

Ah well...I just hope all my classmates who had applied haven't faced such problems. For once, I hope nobody's been as flaky as I was! ;)

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