Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am aliiiiive!..... well.... for now!

Hello! I know.... I know.... it has been too long since I've written anything. But life's been in a such a difficult phase right now.
So, I'm pouring it all out here... I guess it should make me feel better a little... right?

I've lost my second phone in a month. Now, the first phone was well on its way to cell phone heaven when I'd lost it. And I'm sure the person who flicked my first phone is still cursing me to the ninth circle of Hell... but the new one... *sigh* it was a phone that I loved and adored. And when it was stolen from me from the Ladies restroom, where it was taken right from my closed bag, I felt a little betrayed by society in general. I mean, come now.... just a month ago, immediately after losing my first phone, I found one lying along one of the numerous corridors of my University. And I dialed one of the recently dialed numbers and informed them about the misplaced phone and waited till they came to claim it. I guess I was wrong in assuming everyone in my campus atleast were that courteous.

And the person who stole my phone has been cunning enough to divert all calls made to the phone to a friend of mine. Since I had used her phone to try and reach mine, she got almost all calls that I was directing to my lost cell phone, hoping against all hope that maybe.... just maybe the person would return it back... (baaaaaaka...... I know! T~T)

And I've lodged a complaint with the local police and even went to get my old number back. And let me tell you this... The police were well meaning and promised to do all they could. And the jerks at the Vodafone office are all going to rot in hell.... alongside my asshole of an HOD. The least they could do was try being polite. I don't have to take their bull shit right now.... or ever! the way they spoke with me was as though I had stolen something and was called for an explanation. But it was kinda hilarious. The guy who was 'helping' me had not even the rudimentary grasp over the English language. And I was being all polite and stuff. But when I was treated rudely, I started being rude myself. I'll remember his face and the next time I see him somewhere, I shall surely make plans to step on his foot or accidentally kick him where the sun doesn't shine. >=)

Ah well.... shit has happened. And all I can hope is that I get my phone back. (There's a better chance of a dog doing the samba.... wait there is a dog who dances the samba! Hmmm....maybe I might get it back... sigh...)

And here's the picture of the phone I lost.... *sobs*

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