Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wallies and happy news!

Hello people! Remember the post where I'd mentioned about free high resolution Photoshop brushes that were being given away from Refer post here.

Well, it was only for a limited period. But due to popular demand and the enormous positive response that was there, the offer has been extended! Yep! Now, you can get those brushes for free for another two weeks! Yay for Jason Gaylor ne! And just so I can let the folks out there how awesome these brushes are, I've posted three 'arties' that I'd done with these brushes... It's not that great.... I know.... ^_^;;

The images are in 1024x768 pixel resolution. I don't know if you'll like it...but if you do, and want some more, I'll gladly make 'em!

I know I'm going to burn in hell for doing this when I ought to be studying Advanced X-ray analysis... But hey~! Cut me some slack here, folks! ;)

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