Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Merry Christmas Everybody! ^_______^.

Ahhhhhhhh.... I don't know why... but somehow, this year's Christmas seems so magical! Actually, I don't celebrate Christmas strictly... me not being a Christian is a good enough reason. But this year, as I sit and reflect, I realize I don't have to be one to celebrate! Heck! It's the spirit of Christmas that matters right? And this year, I've been singing Carols as loud as I can and am smiling at every family member as they consider if they should pack me off to the nearest Mental Institution... But who cares! It's Christmas! =D

And in this same high spirited note, I made a Christmas card for all you readers out there! I don't even care if many people don't come here! For the very few who do... or will be, here you go, folks! A merry Christmas to you all~!

Psssssssst! Did you know you could track Santa as he goes about distributing gifts to children who have been good? Oh yes! Official NORAD Santa Tracker does that exactly! ^__^. And for those of you who think I might be finally losing my mind, all I have to say is...... Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ^__________^.

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