Thursday, December 24, 2009

Famous?.... So what?!

People are really... really funny creatures underneath all this facade of sophistication and suave. And I mean it in an endearing sense of the word!

The other day(quite a long time ago, actually!), I was out at the Mall to meet up with a few of my friends. It was one of those posh areas where most of the rich and famous came to do their shopping needs. And well, as luck would have it, a really famous singer was there shopping with his family. I shalln't say who he is but just so people get the idea, his songs are really famous these days and well, he comes from a musical family.

I am a person who believes in the concept that celebrities are human beings as well and that to adulate them to the level of mobbing them in public only show how silly we 'not famous ones' can get. And so, as soon as I saw him looking in my direction, I gave a small smile and turned away to do whatever I was doing before I had spotted me. And then, something really out of the ordinary happened. He went past my group not once... but thrice to see if anyone in our group would recognize him and go talk to him. It was a little sad when none of us actually did anything out of the ordinary and he walked away.

It set me thinking. Could it be possible that certain celebrities find it vulnerable not being recognized? Do they really mean it when they say it is a pain being recognized and surrounded by adoring fans? Well... from the action of our singer celeb here, it seems to be the case! =D

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