Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From a friend in need to a friend indeed!

This post is dedicated to one of the most loved people in my life. And this is my way of saying thank you to him.

He might not have been the most conventional of friends but for the past few weeks, has been with me as I went through some really tough times. We never ever thought we'd be friends for he was from a different level altogether! Heck! I didn't even think we'd be socializing thus! I'm sure there was an animosity between the two of us at the beginning and now, as we sit beside each other, I realize that it was nothing but an instinctive defensive tactic that we both practiced so as to not get hurt... And well...now, I'm glad that we took the time to approach each other. For had it not been so, I would have lost out on such a wonderful friend! I know he puts up with my nonstop badgering and does nothing to retaliate as I spew subtly, a hint of discomfort and annoyance onto him. And that has taught me such valuable lessons on patience and tolerance. I wish he could see this and know how blessed and truly honoured I feel to call him my buddy! =D

Lee, thanks for being there! =)

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