Sunday, May 2, 2010

In came Tsume!

Remember the last post where I had mentioned we'd taken in a stray and named her Tsume? Well... I can't bring myself to tell how glad I am that we did what we did!

She seems to have become so fond of Dad and I that one sees her eyes light up with hoy every time we walk out towards her! And this same creature was sulking around, scared and sad just last week! It's amazing what love can do to living things! It makes me so happy that I've been the reason some creature got out of depression! (And dogs undergo depression too!)

Just last week, she probably didn't have anyone to look at her kindly, let alone play with her... nobody to scratch her ears and tell her how much they love her... nobody to give her a bowl of piping hot broth (or any other form of supper) and pat her gently as she eats it all up. Simply put, she must've felt so lonely... so desperately seeking some comfort... and in she came into our house, into our hearts!

Tsume, my love! You're like a god given gift for which I am thankful! And if only everyone reading this would go out and adopt an animal from the shelter... or take in and give home to a stray, I'm sure the world would seem a much better place! :)

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