Monday, May 10, 2010

I just want to...... do things.... and be silly.... and AAARGH!!!!

Tomorrow, I leave for Bangalore... It's to attend yet another PhD interview and I guess I've stopped worrying about getting through or not... What will happen will happen. And I truly wish I could get away from it all for a few months. You know... like go hiking into the Silent Valley... or temple hopping in the middle of the night... or enter a Stationery shop feel the Zen that is Stationery until they kick me out... None of this Physics-shmysics!

I know a few of those souls out there are probably gasping in disbelief or nodding their heads in knowing disappointment. I'm sorry folks! My cuckoos have finally flown the nest and right now, I feel like doing things I've never done before.... like...

  • Going on an expedition of some sorts.... you know... not quite the Indiana Jones types. But still, be a part of an Archeological expedition? Dig into the past? Find pieces of Time still stuck on stone walls and arcane coins? That type of thing.

  • Makeup shopping. Yep. You heard it right! I know I don't tend to go overboard as far as face paint is concerned! Heck... I'm probably dumb as a door knob as far as making-up of the face goes.... Making up facts and scaring the heebidibajeebies of people? Yep... I'm an expert! I guess I've finally realized I'm a *cue gasp and dramatic silence* girl! And I tend to harbor silly girly dreams within myself. About time I indulged myself, ne?

  • Write like there's no tomorrow. And this involves all sorts of literary shazaam! Prose, Poetry, random warbling... everything. I wish I could express all those things I see and feel around me into beautiful and eternal words that will move people for ages to come! Alright.... that's a little too far-fetched. But at least be able to show the kids in my street, when I'm an octogenarian, with one foot in my grave, my works.

That's it for now.... but somehow, right now, I cannot seem to be able to do any of these! Ah well... I'll find some way or the other! ;)

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