Monday, May 3, 2010

Exams... Gintama....funny!.... EXAMS!!!!

Ah.... I've my finals tomorrow and many might wonder what I'm doing, writing a blog post when I ought to be slogging my hiney off, trying to get a decent grade! Well... I'm just not feeling inspired enough!

Aaaaah... How I wish I was surrounded by people from Gintama... it would be so.... uplifting and stimulating! Running around helping people with odd jobs... being silly and still being accepted! The numerous puns nobody would understand and yet be funny! The teensie life lessons that one could learn! Oh.... and the really hot guys from Yorozu-ya, Shinsengumi and the Juoi faction! *Siiiiiiiiigh* Life's so cruel at times! :S

LOL... and yes, I've finally lost my head! I shall now go and try to cram in as much Titanium and Nano magnets into my feeble cranium as I can!

And hope everybody's having an awesome summer out there! What're your plans for the holidays, people? Let me know! =D

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