Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shopping.... friends.... and a "BWAHAHAHAHA" worthy day!

It's an oddly enriching experience when one goes shopping with good friends. A special time when friends can bond together and let their friendship get stronger! Well, technically, you can also get to know their tastes and philosophies and be at war with it, leading to problems in friendship-land! But thank goodness, I've found a few friends who're just right! Like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle!

And what did we do all day, you ask?

We were hunting good cotton dress materials for the summer for one of the girls. And I should say Chennai's "HOT" index is going to soar higher once she walks around wearing those! ;)
Then, we went stationery shopping! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! And then there were more purchases of eatables, stationery, random bazooka, stationery..... did I mention stationery? ;)

By the time I got home, I knew I had legs somewhere.... they were carrying me around! But I'd completely lost sensation of my feet, thanks to a stand-a-thon that I was part of! :P

Aaaaaanyway, there's still certain things I need to procure to make my plan of world domination a success and that involves more stationery! Onward to the shopping districts, my minions! BOHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!

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