Thursday, December 4, 2008

And I "supposedly" resemble...WHOM?!!!

Okay! Okay! I know this is getting out of hand! But hey! I had nothing to do with it! There was this website that took your photos and worked on resemblance with 'celebrities' based on reference points and guess who I resemble! Jessica Alba! (Did I just hear something crash there?-_-;;)

Okay... this does do my self-esteem a little good. But truth be told, there are certain facial structures between the two of us that are kinda alike - like the shape of the eyebrows, the cheekbones, shape of the eyes, basic nasal structure... But somehow, I don't think I'm gonna get calls for acting in Hollywood just about yet! (I cannot believe I'm actually saying this! I've completely gone crazy!)

And the other celebrities that I resembled were -

  • Jessica Alba - 83% (And somehow I don't think this is going to end well for me!)
  • Beyonce - 80% (I'm gonna get killed for this!)
  • Kajol - 78% (Yay! An Indian!)
  • Audrey Tautou - 73% (the Lady who acted in "The DaVinci Code"! I thought she was so intellectually pretty!)
  • Nicole Linkletter - 72% (She's some really famous American model...this is getting weirder by the second!)
  • Alicia Keys - 71% (Hmmmm.... Glad I didn't get Amy Winehouse! ;D)
  • Anna Paquin - 71% (She who was 'rogue' in X-Men the Movie. Ahem...The Dali moment just set in, folks!)
  • Diane Kruger - 68% (German born actress and model!)
Well... Atleast this is better than what my friend got! She apparently resembles Daniel Radcliffe! Ahem... Okay... Dali moment just got Dali-er!

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