Monday, December 8, 2008

It's strange how things go....or don't!

Last night I was up till one in the morning (that makes it today morning ne?) talking to my really close friend and his friends and it occurred to me. These guys are so free and well... asymptotically bonded! it's almost like everybody I know is a quark...either in twos (mesons) or as threes (hadrons) but somehow, I've managed to gain the role of the lepton here. What's in me... I don't know! I don't even know if there's anything in me!

Hmmmm.... Makes me wonder how people around me see me. I'm really trying hard to find a group for myself but somehow, it's like trying to break all rules of Elementary Physics trying to do that - leaves me totally drained and well... off the mark!

And last night... I seemed to have regrets regarding a lot of things... something I normally don't have. And all of this makes me want to just lock myself in a well padded room and bang my head really hard! LOL this is so unlike me.... but what's like me? Is what I believe myself to be what I really am?

And yesterday's comment... there aren't any readers for my blog except for perhaps one person who comes now and then when he's immensely bored... well made me think... It's not like everybody else gets scores of Anonymous comments. Mostly it's from friends! Does this mean I *GASP* am friend-less?! Or is it that *GASPITY GASP* I'm boring?! Oy Vey!

Argh... I think group theory is getting to my head! And life was so much less complicated when all I needed to worry about was what Hotohori would say about this! Why did I have to grow up!!! How I wish I could just stay twelve for the rest of my life and dream of meeting the fourth emperor of Khonan sometime in the distant future never to come!

Ahem... I think I've ranted enough! Thanks for dropping by... if you did that is! =D
(P.S. None of these rants should be remembered for more than a minute post reading! Heheheh...a clown...that's what I am! =D)


  1. huh, i thought somebody was laughing her head off the other night..

  2. *foot in mouth moment* D-Oh! Not that I didn't enjoy the conversation baka! It's because I did that I'm ruing the fact that the friends I have aren't like you people! And well face it! You'd feel like me too if your lab partner was as...interactive and smart as a door-knob! =(