Monday, December 8, 2008

On and indecisiveness!

I was checking a friend's half-dead blog and guess what I found there! Two ads about 'Dog Bowel movement' and 'puke'! And all because the only post that was there was about an unfortunate incident involving drunk friends and vomit! And many of the other relatively more active bloggers are awaiting their Adsense approval! (Not me! No way Jose! I'll be dead before there's an ad in this blog! ARR!!!!)

I guess I should advise my other friends to start writing about puke now! ;D

And my parents are hunting for a good car! And their indecisiveness is driving me a little up the wall! DECIDE ALREADY!!! For once I'd like to tell them - 'You're selecting a car! Not a life partner!' But then I realize that my next meal depends on my dad's cooking skills and Mom's dough and rubbing them the wrong way will not exactly work in my best interests!

So I shall endure! I SHALL ENDURE!!! *thunder and lightning in the background*


  1. a car is more than a life partner.. uh.. girls :(

  2. Psshhhh... boys... hardly know what matters in life! If one has the right life partner, one gets the car one wants! So there! =P