Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am totally lazy right now to even think of some good title! And just so the general populace know... I had a slight accident that involves a back-stabbing backpack, a really sharp nail and the level crossing. So now I lie, in tank tops sighing my days away as I wait for a two inch long gash in my back to heal. (Oh and the tetanus shots are all done with...damn, I hate needles!)

I guess the wound was kind of unsightly because as I shrugged off the pain and proceeded to college, I could find a lot of my friends going 'sssssssss'. One of them dropped the bottle of water she was holding... makes me wonder... Hmmmm.... maybe it's time I concocted vivid narrations as to how I incurred the wound. *evil grin*

And as for the exam I had on the same day... I think I'll pass. It was getting a little difficult as I had a bruised back, a full bladder and the inferno known as Gauss divergence theorem to deal with - at the same time! You do the math people! (No pun intended... and if you didn't get that well...eheh...)

I've got Workshop Technology tomorrow or as my dear friend Sido would say - "a man's job!"

Makes me want to wish I'd get sucked into some parallel dimension where I'll be crowned the saviour of their universe and never have to worry about another lathe or drilling machine or some other horrendous contraption along the same lines!

*Sigh* like many other things in my life... wishful thinking!

Ja... I'm off people! Will keep you guys posted... If I live through the ordeal that is! MWAAAHAHAHAHA!

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