Tuesday, December 2, 2008

'so-round-about-that-I-might-just-go-back-to-the-past' confessions!

Ooookay! Before you guys get your hats off in a jiffy and start crackling with interest (or turn and run away imagining some mushy letter to a loved one), let me get this straight - I am not talking about my secrets here! (not like I have many interesting ones, anyway!)

The other day, I was browsing through different blogs here, in Blogger, when one particular blog caught my eye. It just said, "Letters" and well... I was intrigued (I can get intrigued by the littlest of things, I tell you!).

So, naturally, I clicked on the link and was soon on my way to that said blog. When I did get there, I found that it was a blog that a random Indian girl was maintaining and it was in the format of many letters written daily. And no cookies for guessing who they were all addressed to.

It goes without saying that the whole blog was very sentimental, passionate and kinda too mushy for my taste. And she went on to mention (to 'him' but I was reading it...er... get it?) that she was writing all that she felt about him in that blog...all that would hurt him if he came to know or things that she was too hurt to talk about.

It makes me wonder now... I wonder how many such blogs are out there? And I don't understand how they can have such patience to sit down and pen down such feelings so... so... I don't know... constantly!

And I don't think things shall bode well for her if her guy ever comes across that blog! I think he'll feel asphyxiated! But hey! he could be on of those types who likes all the attention he gets!

It is amazing how humans act when in love! These people could be those typical Indian couple who act all proper in public but deep down inside would love to hug and cuddle in public. (And I have nothing against public displays of affection - except when I'm having PMS! ^__^;;) and online, this person gets all the anonymity to express themselves! If what they feel is so strong, why don't they say it out right at the face than go about a 'so-round-about-way-that-I-might-just-go-back-to-the-past' way?! I know I would! (But then again... subtlety was never my forte!)

I know for sure, I wouldn't be thinking of my boyfriend 24/7! And heck! That would mean I'm obsessed! And though there are a lot of things out there that would get me obsessed, I don't think men fall under that category (nor do women...if you catch the drift! ;D).

Does that mean I'm not normal? Or does that mean I shall lead the Human Race to its destiny? (oookay... too far fetched! I know!)

For now, I think I shall just sit here and freak out about Fourier Series and if I ever get interesting things happening, I'll drop by to let you all know! :D

Ciao for now!

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