Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kandaswamy.... romba overa ventha swamy!

There are sometimes when we do somethings that are just so silly that we can do nothing but laugh at ourselves later on. Well, family and I decided we'd go watch a movie tonight and against my better judgment, we gave Transformers a miss and went for Kandaswamy instead.

Three words are all I have for that movie.... Oh. My. God!

And those three words can be taken in a lot of different contexts depending upon which aspect of the movie we're discussing here.

The Actors: Vikram did full justice (as much as he could humanly do) to his role. But when the screenplay doesn't support you much, there isn't much you can there? But I have to say, the scenes where he imitates a rooster are just plain hilarious! I ended up laughing out loud in the theater when everyone was so busy being all intense and stuff! But he looked real smart when he wasn't wearing the chicken suit! =P And Shreya.... well... erm.... she has a great body. Nothing more. I know that every actress wants to be considered for more than what they look like... but come on! Anyone who's seen the movie will know what I mean! It's kinda obvious everybody's seen Shakira's music videos. But people... this whole belly dancer thing is getting old. I mean... she belly dances her way through all the songs! And furthermore... she can't be sexy to save her life. Such a waste for someone who's got the stuff. Too bad she can't strut it!

The Story: Your typical "Robin hood" plot. The hero steals from the rich and gives it to the poor. Blah Blah... a fight here... a narrow escape there... more blah blah... no evidence, hero is released. Too bad reality ain't so rosy-posy!

Screenplay: it sucked! It sucked more than anything in the history of Screenplays; in the history of sucking! The way the plot's taken about makes even the most ardent fan of the franchise yawn. And I was more than tempted to just leave! I'm sure Transformers would've been better in this department! At least they would've had fighting robots, which are cooler than some bloke in a chicken suit any day!

Direction: Susi Ganeshan has spent quite a lot of money on this one! And the direction could've been a tad bit slicker. As much as the movie talks about how the rich don't think about how they earn their money exploiting the poor, it is kinda ironic, we're being charged for watching this movie and making the ones who made it richer!

Music:Well.... remember the time when your grandma warned you not to overdo the spices and spoil the biriyani? Well, guess what? Gramma sure knew what she was talking about! The music's good at places but then, the music director tries to bring in too many genres of music into the same song and voila! Before you know it, you're covering your ears and cringing, thinking of where the melody evaporated to!

All in all, I'll give the movie four out of ten and I'm being generous here! Ah well... next time I watch a movie, I'll be thinking twice before I shell out money to sit in a theater where the lady next to me gives me the heebidibajeebies all because I'm wearing capris and the AC is out of control! But all that is another story altogether! Chennai sure is a funny place!

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