Friday, September 4, 2009

Kids these days!

Before people start complaining that I'm being overly unfair to kids the world over, let me explain that I have nothing against kids. Yeah.... we all need them! And they're a joy to have. (I especially love some of the kids I've come across in my life...the angels that they are!)

But the tenants in my place have two children who're.... brats! I mean, they barge into the house, ask (read order) you to change the channels to whatever they want to watch, take your things without permisson and still do things you request them not to!

I am normally very patient with strangers. But.... this is just too much. And if this wasn't enough, I had one of my own cousins steal from me right before my eyes and get caught red handed. It makes me wonder... why do they do it?

I remember a time when I was a seven year old and I was taught never to enter a house without asking, or to take things that weren't mine. Sure, kids these days are smart. But really.... that doesn't mean they shouldn't know the basics of manners! I don't ask to be treated with respect. The least these kids can do is behave in such a way that years later, they will not be remembered for the trouble they caused!

And in all this, I believe the parents are the most guilty. I agree that kids are influenced by the various media that loom around these days. But it is up to the parents to try and instruct and make their kids understand what is right and what is not! And I believe the kids these days are smart enough to understand if it came from their parents in a very logical and calm discussion - they don't even have to be paddled!

Sigh.... all this makes me wonder about another issue... I would make quite a weird mother... a mother who thinks her kids have all grown up the second they're born! Another reason why I shouldn't bring in another life into this world for it to be just misunderstood by the very person who gave it life!

Hmmmm.... I could bring up pets! What say? =D

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